Roof Restoration in Brisbane

Roof restoration in Brisbane is different to other cities around Australia.


It’s two things…

The climate

We have medium to high humidity for much of the year. This is a perfect environment for mould growth which is not only unsightly but affects the roof coating. So Brisbane roof restorations need to be done differently. Namely, better preparation and more coating. It’s also advisable that roof restorations in Brisbane be done using a coating that has mould inhibitors in it. You also might want to chose a lighter colour if your home is quite hot. This can affect the temperature. There are also heat reflective coatings available.

The types of roofs

House styles vary from state to state. So Brisbane roof restorations need to be done specifically to suit the style of house. Whilst many of the roofs interstate are smaller and steeper, Brisbane roofs tend to be larger and flatter. So therefore colours need to be chosen to suit the style of house when it comes to Brisbane roof restorations.

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