Roof Replacement

Nobody beats us on value for money, quality and service

And… We won’t ask you to pay 1 cent until you are 100% satisfied with your new roof!

Are you looking to get a quality roof replacement at the right price? If value for money is your primary we can guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised by us. If you are looking to commence a re-roofing project to replace your current roof then we are likely the only company you need to talk to.

Ask Yourself Does Any Other Company Guarantee You:

  1. Qualified tradespeople all with several years experience
  2. 100% transparency, the information we’ll send to you features several hundred job addressed we’ve done and on request we can provide you with a list of every job we’ve ever done so you can see our good work for yourself.
  3. Exceptional service – we regularly check with our customers how our estimators and tradespeople behave as we want to make sure they treat you with respect and care for your roof like it was their own. We make sure that our tradespeople communicate with you when you job will start, if there will be a delay due to bad to a bad weather day
  4. Does your company only use proven top quality roofing products?
  5. Is your roofing contractor fully bonded and insured for at least the minimum requirement of $10 million a year in public liability insurance.

If you answered yes to all of these questions then I’ll gladly eat humble pie but if not please give us a call right now for a FREE quote and just for calling we’ll also give you a roof safety check with no obligation. The number to call is (07) 3276 0464.

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