Our Pledge

Our Pledge

You’ll be 100% happy with your roof or we’ll keep working free of charge until you are!

When you get your roof replaced, restored, or just repaired by Gold Roofing you can rest assured that we’ll work with two intentions :

1. To do an outstanding job that will keep your roof water-proof for many years to come

2. To make your experience one that you’ll remember for all the right reasons

Your roof is the most important part of your home, so choosing the right company for the project is so important. You want a company who you can trust to do an outstanding job that’s going to last. The extreme weather we’ve experienced in the past few years is predicted to continue so having a safe roof has never been more important. “Going cheap” on your roof will likely end up costing you more if the job fails. It’s vital that you choose quality when it comes to protecting your most prized asset, even if that means investing a few extra dollars to get that quality.

At Gold Roofing, as your assurance of a quality job, we give you this guarantee :

“After we’ve finished your roof, you’ll get a chance to check out the work before you pay. You can either inspect the roof with us or we’ll take photos for you. then if there’s anything you’re not completely satisfied with, we’ll keep working free of charge until you are happy”. This takes out all of the risk to you and puts it back on us. How fair is that?

Call (07) 3286 3939 now or fill out the contact page for a FREE QUOTE on your roofing project. You’ll be placed under absolutely NO OBLIGATION and it’s FREE.

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