Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

A Roof That You Will Never Have To Worry About Again…Ever!

Want to never have to worry about your roof ever again…? A new Colorbond steel roof or Zincalume roof installed by us is the answer. You see, when we replace your roof it comes with a leak-proof warranty. And the metal will last for 50 years +! So it really is “out of site out of mind” once your new roof is on.

At Roofing Quote, we use only the very best materials available. Choose from either Colorbond or Zincalume, both made by Bluescope (BHP) steel and of the highest grade available. You get our own 10 year workmanship warranty in addition to Bluescope’s 25 year product warranty. Like to know the key differences between Colorbond and Zincalume…? Here is some information which may be of assistance to you….

Colorbond Steel

  • Comes in 20 designer colours in the standard range and you can mix and match colours with your fascia, guttering and downpipes.
  • Starts with a Zincalume steel base which features fantastic anti-corrosion performance
  • Top coat is specially developed powder coating to ensure maximum resistance to chipping, peeling and cracking.
  • Can be shaped to meet design needs
  • Is relatively light weight and durable
  • Special grades available to suit coastal environments where anti-corrosion performance is critical.
  • Has low thermal mass to keep your home cooler in summer. Keep in mind your choice of colour can affect the temperature of your home. We recommend you use lighter colours in warm environments if a priority for you is to keep your home cool.

Zincaulume Steel

  • Comes in the traditional silver look.
  • Has a zinc/aluminium alloy coating with delivers outstanding anti-corrosion performance up to four times the life of galvanised steel. Before the introduction of Zincalume galvanised steel roofing lasted less than the expected life of your home thus the need for re-roofing and costly maintenance, this helps minimise both.

When installed and maintained as specified in Bluescope’s warranty, is guaranteed to:

  • Not rust or corrode to perforation for a period of 25 years
  • Not flake or peel for a period of 12 years
  • Guttering, flashings and downpipes used in your home will not corrode to perforation for a period of 12 year.

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